Everyone Must Die-Starting With The Screenwriter Review

When Steve Rudzinski (who serves as writer, director, and actor for the film) conceived of Everyone Must Die, he envisioned a slasher film in which we never learn the motivation of the killer. Instead, he wanted the film to focus on the hunt for and death of the killer. Enter Kyle (Nick LaMantia), an average Joe/ex-Marine deadset on hunting down the guy who brutally murdered his sister. With the help of a conspiracy theorist, Kyle learns the his sister’s killer has been brutally massacring people from town to town, with the police trying to cover up the massive scale of the murders.

Kyle’s hunt leads him to a murdered rapper’s “afterlife” party where he gets trapped in a house with a gang of one-dimensional characters. With their cell phones left outside (and his phone lacking battery power—“because it’s an iPhone”) they weigh their options of survival before succumbing to cliché slasher flick deaths.

Aside from the plot holes and the painful line readings of the banal script, there is a tiny nugget of originality. Unfortunately, Rudzinski and co-writer Derek Rothermund (who also serves as cinematographer and actor) are too intent on delivering gore (and not even well-executed gore) and playing up inside jokes with the cast and crew than fleshing out a fresh, new story. (They even seem to be planning a sequel to Everyone Must Die based on the Marvel-esque, Nick Fury-inspired tag ending after the credits.)

Bonus Features

This little DVD is packed with extras. There are bloopers, alternate takes, previews, and music videos. “About EMD!” features cast and crew interviews. And there are two separate—very energetic—feature commentaries: a cast & crew one with Rudzinski, actor Seth Gontkovic, actor Aileen Isley, and cinematographer/editor Scott Lewis and a writer one with Rudzinski and Rothermund.

"Everyone Must Die" is on sale June 18, 2013 and is not rated. Horror. Directed by Steve Rudzinski. Written by Steve Rudzinski, Derek Rothermund. Starring Aileen Isley, Nick Lamantia, Nicole Beattie, Seth Gontkovic.

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