The Tendency Towards Stupidity of "Duck Dynasty" Runs Afoul of Reality Review

Duck Dynasty continues to be one of TV marketing’s great ruses, wherein the exploits of a redneck family are played up for maximum comic effect in your basic reality TV premise, all the while downplaying the fact that many of the people acting silly are actually pretty darn smart. The illusion is that you’re watching a man struggle with living a posh life (only to be met with amusement, horror, and playful abuse by his brothers, uncle and father) as he manages the premiere duck call manufacturing company that has made his family rich. In a way Duck Dynasty is somewhat refreshing in that it doesn’t insist on reveling in how little the main characters know (which seems to be the basic appeal of virtually every other Reality TV program ever), and instead each episode is a 20-minute “You might be a redneck if…” joke.

The only problem with that, even if it does make for cheap laughs that seem painfully staged, is that the comedy diminishes slightly when you realize a couple of the guys in the room have master’s degrees in business administration or education, and everyone else has gone to college. The premise of the show, however, demands that they like The Beverly Hillbillies and so that’s what we get: rednecks with too-much-money problems. Is there some entertainment value in watching them try to lose weight to fit into a jacket or take a luxurious trip to Hawaii only for two members of their party to spend the entire time in the room watching the Bourne Identity movies? Perhaps, but once you know just how antithetical to the redneck concept these guys really are, it’s hard not to see it all as incredibly forced posturing to be the redneck stooges that some network executives have told them they need to be in order to get the ratings.

And for now, that trick is working, but the show really does take on a new feel once you realize just how much the guys of Duck Dynasty have to play up the backwoods hick aspect just to keep their show.

DVD Bonus Features

Some music videos, deleted scenes, and some webisodes [read: even more deleted scenes] are the only extras.

"Duck Dynasty: Season 3" is on sale August 6, 2013 and is not rated. Reality. Directed by David Hobbes. Written by Ryan O'Dowd. Starring Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, Willie Robertson.

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