The Special Effects of "Super Eruption" Sputter and Fizzle Out Review

Syfy presents yet another TV movie disaster flick (does anyone else remember Collision Earth? because I’d nearly forgotten it) from 2011, now available on DVD. In this “epic” adventure, Yellowstone National Park is on the verge of erupting, with the potential to drown all of North America in lava (and supposedly coat the rest of the world in ashes, as one scientist believes could happen). With the surprisingly inadequate help of the Disaster Management Agency, British scientist Kate (Juliet Aubrey) and dedicated park ranger Charlie (Richard Burgi) must stop this Super Eruption.

After the first 20 minutes wherein we see Charlie’s daughter Claire (MyAnna Buring) meet her demise in the lava and Kate desperately clashes with the DMA, the film flashbacks to 2 days ago before the disaster occurs. It seems like extraordinary weak writing (on Rafael Jordan’s shoulders) until Kate, alone in the park tower, receives a video message from her future self. Future Kate convinces Present Kate of the impending disaster and provides some quick tips to save not only Claire but maybe even the world from destruction. Can Kate succeed in saving the world? And will viewers dismiss the time travel paradox that the characters obliquely reference?

Aside from this intriguing (though extremely weak) plot twist, Super Eruption runs the course of any and all disaster films. Whatever chance this film had at succeeding (which was already pretty slim) it loses when you see the poor special effects interspersed throughout the film which are more reminiscent of a 1990s TV movie. They undermine any authority or entertainment value that could be grasped at in this deeply uninspired disaster mess.

DVD Bonus Features

A trailer for the film is this DVD’s sole extra.

"Super Eruption" is on sale August 13, 2013 and is not rated. Action. Directed by Matt Codd. Written by Rafael Jordan. Starring Alex Wyndham, Juliet Aubrey, Myanna Buring, Richard Burgi.

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