Please Sir, I Want Some More British Zombie Comedies Review

You have to admire the immediacy with which Cockneys vs. Zombies gets to the point; straight out of the opening credits the film gets right to the zombification of London and turns away only briefly to give us the bare minimum of character development for our company of cockney wannabe bank robbers. Then again, what were you expecting from a film with the oh so subtle title of Cockneys vs. Zombies? For its simplicity it’s a fun idea, and comparisons to the superior and far more charming Shaun of the Dead are inevitable, but there’s enough meager comedy to make this entry into the zombie comedy genre worth trying. Just don’t expect too much, as it’s fairly barebones.

Two brothers from a blue collar British family are working dead-end jobs as Meals on Wheels delivery boys, but all that’s going to change. They’re planning to rob a bank in broad daylight with three friends, but there’s one variable they could never have predicted: a zombie outbreak stemming from an undead corpse discovered in the tomb of a British king unearthed beneath a parking lot. Now the attempted bank robbers and their hostages must make their way through the wasteland that once was London in the hopes of finding their grandparents alive and well at the old folk’s home, where they can then find a way to escape the zombie horde once and for all.

The wit behind Cockneys vs. Zombies is fairly tame, but it’s there, and if you have an appreciation for sight gags and dry comedy there’s just enough to keep you chuckling. The post-apocalyptic sets are fairly impressive for what you have to imagine was an otherwise low-budget film, and it easily kicks the film’s overall grade up a few notches. It won’t be the best zombie comedy you’ve ever watched, or that you ever will watch, but if you’re a fan of that genre mash-up then there’s just enough there to make Cockneys vs. Zombies a worthwhile Saturday afternoon time waster.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

A production featurette and two audio commentaries are the only extras in this Blu-ray and digital copy combo pack.

"Cockneys vs. Zombies" is on sale September 3, 2013 and is rated R. Comedy, Horror. Directed by Matthias Hoene. Written by Matthias Hoene, James Moran. Starring Harry Treadaway, Michelle Ryan, Rasmus Hardiker, Georgia King.

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