...Until You See "Super Storm" Review

Well, you got to hand this to the producers of Super Storm: of the nearly endless variations of the old Hollywood pitch math of Blank meets Blank, they might be the first to try and synthesize The Breakfast Club with Twister. It’s an unusual combination, made even more bizarre by the pseudo-(non)scientific nature of the disaster and the awkward execution at every step of the game. Had it the slightest sense of irony about its own ridiculousness, Super Storm might have been a blast, but it plays its ridiculous scenario so straight that you have to wonder about the film-makers’s grasp on reality, among other things.

There’s a whole lot of hullabaloo about the red circle disappearing from Jupiter, and this somehow resulting in disastrous storms here on Earth; further hullabaloo concerns the ability of high schoolers to construct devices to both prove this correlation and combat it. Naturally, these kids are all in Saturday detention together, building these devices, and…one struggles to even finish the sentence. Even in a genre that’s produced films like The Core, Storm stands out as especially preposterous, as much for its problem as for its solution; it could easily be an adventure for the Magical School Bus kids. Maybe if Miss Frizzell had made an appearance to lighten things up a little bit, Super Storm would have been a little more palateable, but as is, it goes down about as easy as Madea Plots The Rwandan Genocide.

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"Super Storm" is on sale August 13, 2013 and is rated PG13. disaster. Directed by Sheldon Wilson. Written by David Ray, Sheldon Wilson. Starring Mitch Pileggi, David Sutcliffe, Erica Cerra, Brett Dier, Leah Cairns.

Anders Nelson • Associate Editor


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