American Head Charge - Feeding Review

It\'s been about 3 years since their major release “The War of Art\" and there have been many questions as to whether or not they would or could come out with another album. With rehab issues, band members leaving and label issues this release seemed doomed. However AHC really was able to produce something quite nice for their second release.

The album entitled \"Feeding\" is definitely more mature and shows they spent the time and effort to produce something worthwhile. The song \"Dirty\" standouts with a catchy guitar and bass combo backed up with a simple set of lyrics. The other song which also stands out to me is “Loyalty” which has a good feel to it with the calmly sung verses before jumping right into the heavier chorus.

Personally I think \"The War of Art\" was a bit better, but don\'t get me wrong this is a solid album and shows a good deal of progression. It just seems a bit too similar to some nu-metal for me at times and I\'m not sure that is what they we\'re going for. Either way it gets 7 out of 10 and is a decent listen if you have the time to pick it up.

"Feeding" is on sale February 15, 2005 from DRT Entertainment.



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