"Unfinished Song" Is Worth Finishing Review

Romantic dramedies featuring older leading actors are not very commonplace. Usually, younger actors star in such lighthearted vehicles. Well, Unfinished Song goes a bit against the norm and stars Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave, two thespians in their mid-seventies. It is a film about love, hope and the power of song.

Marion (Redgrave) is terminally-ill. She participates in a seniors’ choir led by youthful and chipper Elizabeth (Gemma Arterton). Marion’s husband Arthur (Stamp) is grumpy and apathetic when it comes to the choir. With time running out, Arthur’s attitude is put to the test where he must chose and make sacrifices in the name of love.

Unfinished Song is a beautiful film with brilliant performances from Stamp, Redgrave and Arterton. The message here is simple and that is, love is eternal especially when music is involved. The power of song is powerful indeed. Arthur’s journey is handled delicately and expertly. Stamp is the real star here. His curmudgeonly character is just great and the chemistry he has with optimistic Redgrave is electric.

Few films manage to tap into the idea of everlasting love. Unfinished Song accomplishes just that. The actors take a melancholy subject such as terminal illness and manage to inject music, love and laugher, cushioning the blow. The three stars deserve many accolades for their performances. The soundtrack is also worth noting. Elizabeth’s song list is rather unorthodox, having the choir sing such racy classics as “Let’s Talk About Sex” and others. Unfinished Song may be a bittersweet symphony but it certainly hits all the right notes.

DVD Bonus Features

There are only two bonus features for Unfinished Song, some deleted scenes and some outtakes.

"Unfinished Song" is on sale September 24, 2013 and is rated PG13. Comedy, Drama, Romance. Written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams. Starring Terence Stamp.

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