"Raised Incorruptible", And Darn Near Flawless Review

Raised Incorruptible by New Mongrels is an album that’s perhaps best described as Duncan Sheik meets Simon & Garfunkel by way of James Taylor. I usually don’t go hard in the paint for indie/folk music, however; while listening to New Mongrels, I found myself really digging all 14 tracks, singling out a few here and there are favorites. I guess because I’ve been exposed to so much indie/folk-rock inspired acts via live performance lately, I was a little more accepting of what the New Mongrels are selling, however; I loved this album.

“Time” is a short track that goes by way too fast for my tastes. I could’ve listened to that song all night it’s mournful lyrics and beautiful, dreamlike melody. “Love It Madly” is a great track, playing up the folk vibe to its fullest, really delivering on that James Taylor tip. It’s hard not to just want to kick back, relax and drink a beer listening to New Mongrels, these guys were made for that exact kind of moment.

The title track, “Raised Incorruptible,” is a brilliant track. The song itself is like a rallying point for the rest of the album, the track everything circles around on its musical journey. Playing to the folk strengths on the rest of the album, “Raised Incorruptible” takes its time and builds to an almost Counting Crowes-esque track, only without the whiny tinge of Adam Duritz’s vocals.

Altogether, Raised Incorruptible is an album loaded with tracks top-to-bottom that will scratch your folk itch. I’d imagine that seeing New Mongrels live would be a fantastic experience, with so much going on in terms of vocals and instruments, too. See if they’re playing and go see ‘em.

"New Mongrels - "Raised Incorruptible"" is on sale January 14, 2014 from N/A.

Robert Ottone • Staff Writer

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