This Album Should Make Its Way To Your iTunes At "The Speed Of Light" Review

The Speed of Light by Darryl McCarty is an awesome album. McCarty’s got one of those “everyman”-type voices that’s just beautiful and simple and really elevates the music itself. If I’m trying to describe the guy, I’d say he’s a cross between Coldplay and Kings of Leon, with a strong dash of Keane. A solid rock album, with some major alternative influences (classified as Brit Pop, no less), The Speed of Light is exactly the kind of stuff I go nuts for.

“Sweet Sonic” kicks the album off, providing a great anthem for the rest of the listener’s experience. A driving track, McCarty’s lyrics guide us through a relationship/love that just doesn’t seem to be working any longer. it’s like a kind of longing-love, the kind of unrequited stuff sensitive schmucks like me go through every few years.

The title track, "The Speed of Light" has some major Muse-y/Coldplay vibes to it, which is nice. It’s a slower jam than "Sweet Sonic", but just as awesome, just as clever. I like how McCarty has an almost storyteller-quality to his lyrics, but I think his voice is the key there. I’d love to see the guy play live, especially accoustic, as cheesy as that might sound.

“Peaceful Shore’ almost has a U2-quality to it. It’s like McCarty woke up that morning and said “Screw it, I’m gonna’ sing like Bono today.” I love it. “Peaceful Shore” is a fun track, evocative of desire and yearning. Overall, I’d say that’s the theme of The Speed of Light, yearning and desire.

Amazing album, overall.

"Darryl McCarty - "The Speed of Light"" is on sale March 30, 2014 from N/A.

Robert Ottone • Staff Writer

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