"Transformers Prime" Still Lays The Smack Down Review

The final season of the Emmy-winning and fan-adored Transformers Prime animated show takes on the subtitle of Beast Hunters, but not to fret; the emphasis is still on good ol’ fashioned Autobot vs. Decepticon smack downs for the fate of Earth.

Following Season 2, which saw a frenzied Indiana Jones/Nazi Occult-style hunt for artifacts to tip the scales of the war on both sides, Season 3 finds the Autobot base destroyed and the Autobots scattered to the wind. Megatron captures Ratchet and pushes him to complete a formula with Shockwave that could possibility restore Cybertron, as the Predaking discovers who’s really behind the Predacon lab. Everything comes to a head on a warship with the Omega Lock. Feel like you need to catch up? The twists and turns await.

With crisp digital animation that has become the standard for 21st century shows (one does slightly miss the tonally dark brilliance of noir-infused Batman: The Animated Series and its ilk), Beast Hunters pits brand favorites Peter Cullen and Frank Welker against each other again as Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively. New characters are introduced with great vocal performers such as: Ultra Magnus (Starship Troopers’ Michael Ironside) and Predaking (Spartacus’ Peter Mensah). Even George Takei gets in on the fun as Alpha Trion. All in all, it’s a fun ride with some stellar voices.


Some audio commentaries and footage from the Transformers Prime Comic-Con panel in 2013.

"Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters" is on sale December 3, 2013 and is not rated. Animation. Directed by David Hartman. Written by Duane Capizzi, Marsha F. Griffin, Steven Melching. Starring Frank Welker, George Takei, Michael Ironside, Peter Cullen.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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