"Hourglass" Transcends Its Easy Comparisons Review

Richard Tyler Epperson is described as a cross between John Mayer and Jason Mraz. This is strange, considering I love one of these guys and absolutely hate with every fibre of my being, the other. Thankfully, Epperson’s stylings trend more toward Mayer than Mraz. He has that simple, sing-songy quality that Mayer has, with almost the same level of intensity and haunting quality to his voice.

Epperson, as a singer-songwriter in the vein of Mayer or Elliot Smith, is brilliant. His lyrics evoke a lost youth or misspent youth quality to them, while also having a strong Unit 4+2 or even a Cat Stevens vibe to them.

The Mayer connection is particularly strong on the title track “Hourglass,” which almost sounds like a John Mayer leftover. Not a bad thing, but it doesn’t do much to establish Epperson as his own artist. The song itself is great, but again, it does nothing to further Epperson himself, when placed in the context of the Mayer comparison.

“Waste” has a harder vibe to it than the rest of the tracks on the album, which is a nice counterpoint to something like “Hourglass.” It’s perhaps more pop-y than the rest of the album, and it’s great, allowing Epperson’s vocals to take center stage while also building a driving track around him.

All in all, if you’re a sucker for a great singer-songwriter, I’d have to say giving Epperson’s album, Hourglass a go. The guy is scary-talented and is far better than a lot of other dudes in the field.

"Richard Tyler Epperson - "Hourglass"" is on sale April 8, 2014 from N/A.

Robert Ottone • Staff Writer

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