Dear God, Let This Be "The Last Mission" Review

If you, like me, missed the 2008 Jason Statham medieval action flick In the Name of the King (based on the Dungeon Siege video games) then you probably also missed its less “prestigious” 2011 sequel In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds. All of which to say, you probably were not holding out for the rumored threequel In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission starring Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell, which has finally been released on Blu-ray. Nevertheless, Uwe Boll’s tireless series continues to adapt this medieval video game series.

A modern-day hitman Hazen Kaine (Purcell) is given one final mission by a certain employer that involves kidnapping some Eastern European girls from their school and holding them hostage in a storage container in a deserted part of town. After effortlessly completing this task, he gets ahold of one of the girls’ “magical” amulets and is transported back into the Middle Ages (thanks to the tattoo on his wrist that resembles the symbol on the amulet). Trapped in the past, he must help a kingdom besieged by an evil tyrant and his vicious dragon (which is only about the size of Daenerys’ dragons circa season three).

If the time-hopping wasn’t absurd enough, Hazen’s nonchalance at being transported to another time and his eagerness to battle a dragon certainly are. And (spoiler alert!) when Hazen does return to the present, the dragon comes with him through the portal and he doesn’t even bother killing it by the end of the movie. The Last Mission is a thoughtless action film that attempts to revel in its own terribleness yet can’t even accomplish that.

Bonus Features

The disc includes a making-of featurette and trailers for other upcoming films.

"In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission" is on sale March 11, 2014 and is rated R. Action. Directed by Uwe Boll. Written by Joel Ross. Starring Dominic Purcell.

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