Andy And Vera Are Wasted "At Middleton" Review

Who doesn’t like Andy Garcia? Sure, he was in the only regrettable entry to The Godfather trilogy, but he more than redeemed himself with a career going on four decades that has seen everything from the major blockbusters to more nuanced fare a la Kenneth Branagh’s underrated Dead Again. His recent choices have been dynamic and engaging, like City Island, which is worth putting on right now. As in, stop reading this review and watch it; Garcia at his best in years. Similarly Vera Farmiga is at the top of her game professionally. Currently haunting TVs as the titular Norma running Bates Motel, she’s throwing in key performances in flicks like The Conjuring after a career that catapulted with The Departed and Up In The Air. These two should be a rock star team, but, sadly, in At Middleton, the script and direction are middling at best.

George (Garcia) and Edith (Farmiga) bring their kids to Middleton College for a tour and quickly go AWOL themselves. Rediscovering youthful joys, they have their own first day of college, even if it is just for a day. From here, you can guess what happens. Things start with carefree joys, slowly revealing personal truths and missed opportunities. Tarissa Farmiga, actually Vera’s sister, plays her daughter, but the focus is on the older kids; the parents.


Audio commentary with the writer/director Adam Rodgers, who makes his flat debut with this flick. Outtakes and a music video as well. Garcia was actor, producer, and the writer/singer of the song, so the project seems to have struck a chord with him or at least presented the opportunity to have some real creative input. As mentioned at the start of the review, he’s an interesting artist who’s still evolving. While this project’s quality may have been below him, he walks away unscathed and shows he can sing.

"At Middleton" is on sale April 1, 2014 and is rated R. Comedy. Written and directed by Adam Rodgers. Starring Andy Garcia, Taissa Farmiga, Tom Skerritt, Vera Farmiga.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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