"Old Yeller"'s As Rabid As Ever Review

He’s still got it. Now in his mid-60s, Lewis Black has been in the game since starting out in New York theater in the early 1980s. A playwright-turned-stand-up-comedian, Black is famous, or infamous, for his abrasive, ranting style as his calm demeanor gives way to wild gesticulations, rolling eyes, and crass language from a mouth that never got washed out with soap. His voice may be a little hoarser than it used to be, but this comedy veteran still has the stuff.

Black’s demographic skews older, with those that have known and followed him for decades, not mere years. Younger fans, of which this particular show seemed to have few, will recognize him from the “Back in Black” segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. With a rising and falling staccato of seething frustration, Black traverses parenting (his father’s painting, “Old Yeller,” makes up the backdrop and gives the show its multifaceted name), guns, politics, some crude sexuality, and a bevy of other topical societal missteps over the course of 80-odd-minutes.

Not for the faint hearted, Black’s opinions, strongly developed over many years, including a continuing tenure as an ACLU ambassador, cut deep and bring the laughs.



"Lewis Black: Old Yeller" is on sale May 6, 2014 and is rated . Comedy, stand-up-comedy. Directed by Zach Nial. Starring Lewis Black.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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