These "Wahlburgers" Are Entirely Undercooked Review

Continuing the trend of giving a reality TV show to anyone with a famous face to maximize on low production costs and high audience recognition, Wahlburgers follows the aspiring burger business of Paul Wahlberg, one of the lesser known siblings of actors Donnie Wahlberg and Mark Wahlberg. Much like any other reality TV show out there, Wahlburgers has to do as much as it can with as little substance as possible, and it never really succeeds. Episodes feel like minor happenings that have been stretched and inflated to fill 21 minutes with material that could have been covered in 2. The supposed draw of the series is the interactions between the Wahlberg siblings, their mother, and Mark’s HBO immortalized “entourage”, but even then each episode tries to do too much with far too little and so each of the 9 episodes of the first season feels empty.

At first, it seems like there’s going to be a story to tell as the family restaurant business is looking to expand and Paul finds himself with a new assistant he doesn’t really want, but before those plot threads can really mature they’re settled and laid to rest. Without anything else to say, Wahlburgers quickly devolves to a bunch of single serving episodes consisting of staged “events” that feel like sitcom plots we’ve seen far too many times to be fresh. What’ll happen when mama Wahlberg is left to run the restaurant? What crazy antics will the Wahlberg siblings get up to when they force Paul to take a day off? Mama Wahlberg is cleaning the garage, guess what embarrassing childhood mementos of Donnie and Mark she discovers!

The show gets off to a weak start and it never recovers. Networks and celebrities need to realize that being famous isn’t enough to for the foundation of a good TV show.

DVD Bonus Features

Nine brief featurettes are the only extras.

"Wahlburgers: The Complete First Season" is on sale July 22, 2014 and is not rated. Reality. Directed by Brian Spoor. Starring Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg.

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