You'd Like to Think Half as Much "Bad Grandpa" Would Be Half as Bad Review

There’s a reason Paramount has labeled this continuation of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa as .5 instead of 1.5 (as other special edition releases of films usually do), and that’s because unlike 1.5 editions, this isn’t the original film with new footage added in to make it longer or better, it’s just 80-some minutes of deleted scenes and production footage. It’s not an improvement over the painfully unfunny original but nor is it any worse. If anything, it could be said to actually have a little merit in that you get a sense of the effort that went into the film’s production, which is more merit than the film itself had as just a string of obvious and contrived pranks that were funnier when done by other movies or the guys of Jackass themselves in their TV show. That said, there’s still no good reason to subject yourself to this.

The biggest surprise here is the addition of more scenes of Catherine Keener beyond those in the original where she was essentially just a corpse being dragged around. Unfortunately, the material they have her spouting is no better than the garbage from the first time around. Prank-wise, .5 is just more of the same without any narrative structure to tie the stunts together (literally no story at all this time). Instead, if anything could be said to be the glue that holds this movie together, it’s the brief behind the scenes glimpses that let you see the prep work involved. That footage is worth more than anything we get in the final feature’s runtime, and it almost makes you wonder if the real Bad Grandpa film should have been a feature-length look at how the Jackass crew (and Spike Jonze) took their prank and stunt format on the road to experiment on supposedly unsuspecting people.

That would be far more interesting than Bad Grandpa and Bad Grandpa .5 combined.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

Interviews, the casting video for the young boy, even more deleted scenes and outtakes (which feel redundant considering that’s all this film really is), and an ultraviolet digital copy is all the set has to offer.

"Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa .5" is on sale July 8, 2014 and is not rated. Comedy. Directed by Jeff Tremaine. Written by Fax Bahr, Spike Jonze. Starring Catherine Keener, Johnny Knoxville.

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