Mae - Singularity Review

Mae has made the jump from Tooth and Nail Records to Capitol Records for their third studio effort aptly titled Singularity. There is no way to compare their first major label album to that of their previous two efforts, so it would be a good idea to place any thoughts of those albums in the back of your head. Powerhouse producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Relient K, Saosin) was called in to do the production for the new album. The band wanted to capture the energy and power from their live shows onto the new album. This time the drums hit harder and the guitars sound stronger. The presence of piano isn’t completely missing from the album, but is strongly reinforced by synth, which sets a highly energetic mood for Singularity.

"Brink of Disaster” kicks off the album with a heavy bass line and snare crack from Jacob Marshall on the drums, and is quickly joined by intense melodies provided by the synth and keys from Rob Sweitzer. Lead singer Dave Elkins voice eases through the verses but escalates through the ever so catchy hook. The album’s first single “Sometimes I Can’t Make It Alone” is power-pop at its finest; the guitar lines of Zach Gehring and Elkins lead the song to an intense and unforgettable chorus.

The first ballad of the album comes in the form of “Just Let Go”, which could easily have fit into the band’s second album The Everglow. The influence of alternative music of the 90’s is heard throughout the album. “Waiting” is a perfect example of this inspiration. If the song had softer guitars and lighter drums, it could have easily fit onto Mae’s first album as it displays the candor that Destination: Beautiful had. The grungy guitar lines of “Telescopes” blend well with the ethereal melodies of the song. “Singularity” is full of thought provoking lyrics about life and everything that comes with life, including death.

The band saved the best song for last. “Reflections” is the most introspective, poetic song that mae has written. The soft, yet up tempo track is led by soothing vocals by Elkins, with bursts of snare rolls from Marshall. The song builds to an amazing climax with exceptional falsettos by Elkins.

While Singularity is very different from the band’s other albums, its listeners will find so many similarities, especially in the form of the contagious melodies that mae crafts so well.

"Singularity" is on sale August 14, 2007 from Capitol.



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