"Women Of The Bible" Tells The Same Old Story Review

The best-selling book in the world, The Bible, is finally having its pop culture heyday. Blockbuster films and TV miniseries are popping up everywhere depicting iconic events. So it comes as no surprise that the History channel is trying to get in on the action. And for this 2-disc collection, the History channel focuses on the iconic women of the Bible, a group of ladies that are frequently overlooked.

From Eve, the world’s first woman, to Delilah, the temptress and betrayer, to Jesus’ mother, Mary of Nazareth, any woman who played a role in the Bible gets some attention. Spread out over seven episodes, the focus various from a biographical approach to Mary’s life to an in-depth look at the love affair between King Solomon and Sheba. And, best of all, is an entitled “Scarlet Women of the Bible,” which takes a Wicked-like look at the most lambasted women of the Bible to see how culpable they truly were (and some interesting points are made).

However, no matter what new angle they try to present, each episode just feels like an extended Sunday school lesson. Very little evidence beyond actual biblical text is presented, and the episodes serve more as a retelling of these women’s stories than any sort of historical documentary. It is also interesting to note that almost every expert interviewed is a woman. For a series about women that makes sense, but it does present a very one-sided opinion of these women.

If you didn’t grow up in a Christian church, then many of these stories will be intriguing and most likely hold your attention. But if you studied the Bible growing up then this will be a decidedly dull rehash of your childhood.

Bonus Features

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"Women of the Bible" is on sale November 18, 2014 and is not rated. Documentary. Starring Don Morrow.

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