"Big History" Gets It Right Review

The History Channel’s Big History is an exploration of how things like gold, salt, and horses have changed the course of history, narrated by Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. Rather than looking at individual events or specific eras of human history, Big History aims to make connections throughout all of human history, discover how these factors shaped human history, and examine how the human race is still affected today. The DVD collection includes all 17 episodes of the mini-series, plus 30 minutes of footage that was not included when the series aired on the History Channel.

Big History is one of the better mini-series produced by the History Channel. The show moves along at a decent pace, sticks to the facts, and stays away from goofy speculation about aliens. It is produced for cable TV audiences, so there might not be a lot of new revelations for history aficionados, but I could see it being useful in a classroom setting to spark an interest in the Big History Project. Bryan Cranston has been doing voiceover work for years, going all the way back to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and he does a fine job as the series’ narrator.

If there was any complaint about Big History, it is that the show is a slighter version of the information contained in the Big History Project, which the series is based on. Big History is a good starting point, but for young minds, it should not be the end.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The Blu-ray release comes with all 17 episodes in HD and a digital copy of the series.

"Big History" is on sale March 11, 2014 and is not rated. Documentary. Directed by James Grant Goldin. Written by Gabriel Rotello, James Goldin, Sam Dolan. Starring Bryan Cranston.

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