History Channel's Gleeful Descent Into Pseudo-History Continues with More "Ancient Aliens" Review

Some time ago, this writer reviewed History Channel’s Mountain Men: Season 2, attesting then that the channel once known for, to put it bluntly, covering history had sold out to make itself a competitive brand. The onslaught of 21st century reality TV shows had changed the playing field, creating a model of content creation that required almost no budget, with the potential for large fan-followings and merchandising. It’s hard to say if History Channel’s next review appearance on this site, for the first volume Ancient Aliens' sixth season, brings us back closer to the Channel’s original historical mandate for programming, or farther afield into the swamplands of the Facesitting_Four_Asian_Girls_Smother_Handcuffed_Guy_2.mp4non-history History Channel.

After a short 6-episode premiere in 2010, Ancient Aliens has grown steadily every year since. Kicking off with Episode 63, Season 6 packed in a whopping record with 19 episodes, the first eight of which are present on this Blu-ray, including:

  • ET landing on Forbidden Islands,
  • Martian technology being the root of the Lost Ark,
  • A global trip to Greece’s Mt. Olympus, Peru, and Japan in Mysterious Mountains,
  • An episode for early Roland Emmerich/Kurt Russell nerds in "Stargates",
  • Something for the homefront in "America",
  • Discussion of the abnormal skull found in Mexico in "Star Children",
  • Booty and curses in "Treasure of the Gods",
  • And, finally, something more plausible, in the off-world hypotheses of our neighbor, the "Red Planet".

The show doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It’s talking heads, flashing transitions, illustrations, and your standard docu-reality spin. Produced by Kevin Burns, it’s worth noting that he is not Ken Burns. A space enthusiast, Kevin is behind many entertainment docs from Twentieth Century Fox, like The First 50 Years to biopic series including that of ex-Playboy bunny, Kendra on Top. It’s not high art, or even real non-fiction, but each episode’s yarn is enough to get you excited to go back and watch The X-Files.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

There are none.

"Ancient Aliens: Season 6, Volume 1" is on sale October 7, 2014 and is rated . Sci-Fi.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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