Silverchair - Young Modern Review

Silverchair is back from their "indefinite" hiatus, and I am very grateful for their comeback.

Taking one look at the Young Modern\'s cover art will tell you that Silverchair is not your average rock band. They originally started out in the 90\'s as a typical rock band, but quickly progressed to a sound filled with abstract and complex lyrics. Their album, Diorama, is easily one of my favorite albums of all-time. I am an avid listener of bands that have a reputation for good songwriting. Some people care more about how a song sounds, but I prefer the actual lyrical content of the music, and this band is one of the best at writing lyrics with great depth.

Young Modern is the band\'s fifth studio effort and has the same type of sounds as Diorama did without the overpowering orchestra which made that album so astounding. Daniel Johns and crew have once again crafted an album with a plethora of unblemished sounds. "Young Modern Station" reacquaints its listeners with Johns\' familiar breathtaking vocals. The thicker guitars work well for this song and they are accompanied by a moderately simple drum beat from Ben Gillies. The transition into "Straight Lines" is flawless, with keyboard help from Paul Mac. The song is a soft but brisk change from the opening track, and makes a perfect single with a memorable hook. "If You Keep Losing Sleep" demonstrates the elaborate melodies that the band are capable of crafting with such dexterity. It\'s a fun track with a variation of multiple sounds throughout.

A track that definitely stands out on this album is the medley of "Those Thieving Birds pt. 1/Strange Behaviour/Those Thieving Birds pt. 2" which gives a nod to Diorama as it once again reconnects its listeners to the beautiful sounds of an orchestra playing with a rock band. "Man That Knew Too Much" mixes a jubilant piano with an unforgettable percussion as Johns dances through the story effortlessly. The track "Mind Reader" has a 70\'s rock feel and should be an instant classic. I would be surprised if Paul Mac hasn\'t been heavily influenced by Billy Joel, as he showcases his amazing piano playing ability on this song. "Insomnia" is a song about how complex our lives are, and that every day is only as strong as the day before. The album ends on a more involved note than your typical album. "All Across the World" displays just how remarkable Johns\' vocals really are, as he is joined by multiple voices which gives the effect that the world is singing with him. Throughout the album, complicated lyrics fill the empty void that many great musicians tend to leave out of their songs.

An album with such pristine musicianship must have a great producer. The band called on Nick Launay who produced Freak Show and Neon Ballroom: two of the band\'s earlier efforts. Daniel Johns assisted Launay with the production this time around and producer David Bottrill (Diorama) assisted with the album\'s mixing process.

While this album isn\'t as complex as Diorama was in its melodies, it is better in every other way. It literally blows my mind that more people have not had the pleasure of listening to this great band.

"Young Modern" is on sale April 3, 2007 from Warner.



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