"Malignant" Banks on Brad Dourif's Fame to Overcome its Faults Review

Don't drink, Allex.

Allex (Gary Cairns) has a drinking problem.  He goes to the bar and has a few then goes home to have a few more.  Whiskey, mostly.  Since the whiskey is probably more expensive at the bar, why not just save the money and get blackout drunk at home?  I guess that's not the point.  Anyway, Allex's problem has gone beyond forgetting how to spell his own name. He's gotten to the point where he won't even stop drinking even when a mad scientist (Brad Dourif) makes it so he's murdering strangers, friends, and co-workers during his blackouts.  That's pretty bad.  But, you know, his wife's died a couple months ago and she was very pretty and now he's got this enormous house in LA to maintain all by himself.  Of course he turned to drink.

Malignant (2013) is a thriller/horror film from writer/director Brian Avenet-Bradley about someone who has lost control.  The movie hopes to be about medical ethics and grief, but it's really about someone unwillingly or unwittingly killing people.  As far as the story and script is concerned, this is poor entertainment.  A plot doesn't have to be fresh and new to be good, but if it the dialogue is functional (at best), then something has to make up for it.  In Malignant, it isn't going to be the performances.  These match the script.  The best part about the film is the cinematography.  It's sharp and clean, does no harm, and occasionally captures some very nice establishing shots (which might be purchased clips, but I'll give Laurence Avenet-Bradley the benefit of the doubt).  Small praise.  But did you know that Brad Dourif did the voice for Chucky?  Yeah.  He did.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

Surgery for the Soul, a behind the scenes featurette, and a trailer.

"Malignant" is on sale February 17, 2015 and is not rated. Horror. Directed by Brian Avenet Bradley. Written by Brian Avenet-Bradley. Starring Brad Dourif, Gary Cairns.

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