"Nazi Mega Weapons" Makes Learning Go Kapow! Review

Our insatiable fascination with World War II shows no signs of abating, nor should it. Never again will such a clear-cut conflict of good and evil start a global war of continents in pitched combat behind leaders who stood among titans; all for the preservation of mankind in the face of fiery annihilation. In an era of guerrilla wars and ever-increasing reliance on the surgical precision of Special Operations over the heavy footprint of Big Army, it’s almost inconceivable to fathom a time when armies of millions were deciding the fate of the humanity in open fields and muddy trenches. PBS feeds the hobbyist historian’s curiosity with its second season of the shocking show Nazi Mega Weapons. Out of the horrors of Nazi fascism, came the seeds of some of the most radical discoveries of the 20th century.

The stories of the early rockets and the German engineers who helped America with “the bomb” are widespread, but Mega Weapons delves deeper, with hour-long episodes of archival footage, interviews, and reenactments focused on some of the lesser known achievements and errors made in the Third Reich’s quest for domination. Among them: Megaships, a tale of Hitler’s call for the largest, most lethal juggernauts the ocean had ever seen; the German’s answer to the ill-fated Maginot Line, The Siegfried Line, and the precursor to the modern cruise missile, the devastating V-1. A couple episodes all focus on the fanatics, charting the rise and actions of suicidal kamikaze pilots in Japan and the sociopathic SS. PBS has your history fix ready to go. Six hours of conspiracies and chilling creations should do it.



"Nazi Mega Weapons" is on sale March 3, 2015 and is not rated. Documentary, Education, War. Starring Corey Johnson.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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