Stop! "Adventure Time" Review

With a spoonful of Dungeons & Dragons, a pinch of Game of Thrones, and a whole lot of hand-drawn escapades, Cartoon Network’s prolific Adventure Time returns to DVD, picking up in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo with Episode 30 of Season 5: Frost & Fire. Young Finn wakes from a pleasurable dream wherein Flame Princess and Ice King, voiced by Jeremy Shada, Jessica DiCicco, and Tom Kenny respectively, do battle. Waking before the resolution, Finn orchestrates an epic confrontation of fireballs and ice lighting, until Flame Princess realizes Finn has betrayed her trust to antagonize the fight and leaves him to learn an important lesson about friendship and betrayal. So begins the 16-episode collection that juggles puberty with comedy.

These Cartoon Network shows, targeted at tweens and teens going through changes of their own, disguise insight behind rudimentary illustrations and morals behind fantastical action sequences. Adventure Time started in 2010 and has stacked up a nice collection of awards, including: two Annies, two Emmys, and a Sundance Award. The original pilot, made independently by creator Pendleton Ward, was a viral sensation and, with a seventh season and feature film on the horizon, Adventure Time shows no signs of stopping.




"Adventure Time: Frost & Fire" is on sale March 3, 2015 and is rated tv-y7. Animation. Written by Pendleton Ward.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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