Believe It Or Not, You Shouldn't Trust A "Gnome" Review

Kind-hearted Zoe (Kerry Knuppe) is having a tough time. Her mother is heavily medicated. Her step-father is a molester. She works at a convenience store to put herself through college, where she is receiving unwanted attention from a professor, and one of the store’s regulars, a homeless woman nicknamed Ms. Mae (Willow Hae), is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Before Ms. Mae dies, she passes along a curse to Zoe which gives her a witch’s mark on her skin and the unwanted protection of a murderous gnome (Verne Troyer).

The plot is predictable with no real surprises. Zoe makes a few off-handed remarks about her cruel classmates, her teacher, and a crooked cop, and people start dropping dead. It’s a standard “be careful what you wish for” horror movie with Verne Troyer that tries to play up the comedic angle like the Leprechaun series. There are a few moments that are kind of funny, like the jelly donut spelling out “Pig” and the hilariously out of place opening animated sequence, but otherwise the action is tedious at best and uncomfortable at worst.

If there was one thing that surprised me in Gnome Alone, I was surprised that the filmmmakers went almost the entire movie without a grossly sexualized death, and I was ready to give it extra points for doing so. At the last minute, though, the filmmakers throw in some really awful rape stuff with Melissa’s death that is completely unnecessary. I could have possibly recommended as a stupid campy movie to people who enjoy bad movies, but Gnome Alone isn’t smart enough or funny enough to get past how skeevy that scene gets.


The DVD release includes a making-of featurette, the film’s theatrical trailer, and trailers for other films from Lionsgate.

"Gnome Alone" is on sale January 20, 2015 and is rated R. Horror. Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr . Written by Lauren De Normandie, John Michael Elfers, Glenn Ennis. Starring Kerry Knuppe, Verne Troyer, Willow Hae.

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