"Echoes" Fades In The Distance Review

The title Echoes suggests empty space, in which voices long silenced might be preserved through the sheer lack of obstruction. The desert setting, with its wide, parched vistas, matches this ethos, but so too, unfortunately, does the screenplay, which never propels its action forward any faster than a meandering tortoise that might be seen in the background.  There’s something to be said for the commitment to spacey atmosphere, and the mysteries that may emerge from it, but writer/director Nils Timm’s command of it is never strong enough to give it any real effect, making Echoes fainter and fainter as it goes along.

Struggling with ongoing, horrific visions brought on by her sleep paralysis, writer Anna Parker (Kate French) goes out to the desert at the suggestion of her manager/boyfriend Jeremy (Steve Hanks) to see if time out of the city does her any good. Rather than dimming though, the isolation (seriously, it’s just a house out in the desert) gives her visions a new sharpness and focus, and lead her into the mystery that may be at their source. It’s not difficult to figure out where Echoes is going from pretty early on, and in the right hands, it might have been simply effective, but as is, empty space is just that.


There are none.





"Echoes" is on sale April 14, 2015 and is not rated. Horror. Written and directed by Nils Timm. Starring Kate French, Steve Hanks, Steven Brand.

Anders Nelson • Associate Editor


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