All "Red Roads" Lead To Momoa Review

What did ya think? It was all going to work out for you?

Strange as it is to say this, but Jason Momoa is going on my watch list. Not a great watcher of television, it would seem that Momoa has been cast as a giant brute, but in The Red Road (2014-) series on the Sundance Channel shows that he's actually a person when he isn't exclusively staring out from under his massive dark brows. Momoa plays Phillip Kopus, a Native American drug dealer that has returned to his small New Jersey town after leaving prison to start dealing drugs there. It doesn't sound too promising, but it's enough that he gets to speak in his own voice, not have a ponytail, and seem capable of nuanced ethical views. Kopus is the bad guy in a show without good guys.

On the other side of the thin blue line is Officer Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson) who gets himself deeper and deeper into trouble by covering up for his wife Jean (Julianne Nicholson), a recovering alcoholic whose recovery seems to make her worse than the alcohol ever did. His daughters are lovely, though the eldest, Rachael (Allie Gonino), is dating Junior (Kiowa Gordon), a Native American boy who falls in with Kopus and his dealing. There's more that could be said, but that might get into spoiler territory. It's hard to delineate the spoilers from information both because of the extreme sensitivity this new brand of serial television has spawned in this new brand of serial television viewer and because this show isn't your typical serial. There is no real mystery, only secrets and the secrets aren't particularly big or material. Really, it's a situation that builds in tension and obligation and is resolved, kind of. Its simplicity borders on the banal, but I withhold harsh judgment because the creator, Aaron Guzikowski, really seems to be getting into his stride in the final moments of the show.

Bonus features

"Sundance on Set", "Behind the Screen" which consists of a few short interviews about each episode, and "The Red Road: Cast and Crew"

"The Red Road Season 1" is on sale March 10, 2015 and is not rated. Drama. Directed by James Gray, James M Muro, Lodge Kerrigan, Terry Mcdonough . Written by Aaron Guzikowski, Bridget Carpenter, Zack Whedon. Starring Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson.

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