Beautiful Scenery and Evolution Abound on "Mutant Planet" Review

Creationists beware, there’s a phenomenal show about our planet out there, and it’s all about evolution! Mutant Planet launched in 2010 and returned in 2014 with a second stunning season of mesmerizing visuals and mind-blowing discoveries. Forget about farm tours with goats and cows, and, if you can, ignore that squirrel on the park bench and all the cats and dogs in our domestic lives. Sure they’re fun and miracles of evolution as well, but this show focuses on the critters and creatures that are uncommon and largely unknown to us in our isolated daily lives.

Mutant Planet reaches out to the furthest corners of our unique globe, entering areas of incomparable biodiversity and finding some of the strangest little, and sometime big, things you’ve ever seen. Mutant Planet: Season 2 contains five fascinating episodes. In the first, the hotspot of Africa’s Albertine Rift, home to staggering environmental forces and climate factors, is examined, along wiht the unique organisms who have come to survive in their unique surroundings. Next up are 130-million year old jungles in Borneo with pygmies and rare apes, followed by India’s monsoon jungles. As if the visuals haven’t been breathtaking enough, Namibia and Central America are saved for the end, transporting the audience from the world’s oldest desert to Costa Rica’s abundance of lush, diverse life. Migration is emphasized in the final episode, making Costa Rica a perfect button on another superb season.

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"Mutant Planet: Season 2" is on sale July 7, 2015 and is rated G. Documentary.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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