"Ancient Aliens": Yup, Season 7. You Read That Right. Review

Ancient astronaut theorists believe...

What damned nonsense is this? One presumes that the lunatics or opportunist hacks who frequent Ancient Aliens (2009-) have so little regard for themselves that their fees are comfortably in budget, allowing for another season to come out on blu ray. One such "expert" was described in subtitle as an AM radio host. I don't know where my anger comes from, possibly outer space--I'm sure we could find an ancient astronaut theorist to confirm it--but it is real. I can't get Roman Holiday (1953) or Gallipoli (1981) on blu ray, but I can get the last three seasons of Ancient Aliens in any assortment of high definition collections. What might you be invited to enjoy in this luckiest of seasons? Could I entice you with a false dichotomy? How about a hasty conclusion? One ancient astronaut theorist talks about Superman with equally un-subjunctive language and demeanor.

Recently, I listened to a book called Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 (2006) that revolutionized the way I thought about Europe. How much might you think you know about this period of history? If you're American, and not an academic, probably very little. The mind-blowing moment concerned the creation of myths immediately after World War II. Consider, for example, the French Resistance. How many might have been involved? Maybe around 300,000 in a country of 40 million. There might be as many films about the Resistance, propagating a national myth of near-universal defiance of the evil Nazis and comeuppance for the few fat cowardly collaborators. The reality is that fifth largest nation in Europe was commandeered by (and, thus, materially supported) one of the worst terrors in human history.

Now, it would be silly to suggest that by making Ancient Aliens, the History Channel is excluding the kind of hard-nosed reality you find in Postwar, but on the day I write this, the History Channel has an alien/UFO marathon in progress. Tomorrow, they'll show some guys renovating cars for a few hours, then America's Book of Secrets for a few hours, then a few more hours of forging. The schedule for the next two weeks has a total of six hours of what I'd call real history. That is, programming that isn't bound to a snappily-titled property or transparently pandering, like its many mafia and murderous one-offs. So, while Ancient Aliens does not necessarily preclude real history programming, something does. And it ain't aliens. It's you.

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"Ancient Aliens Season 7" is on sale July 21, 2015 and is not rated. Documentary.

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