Doesn't Hit Like A "Comet", But It Lands Review

Beautiful, crazy, and funny. God, she's perfect.

One cannot overstate the difficulty this generation will have with growing up if the manic pixie dream girl remains the predominant heterosexual fantasy. Try to find a 35 year old pixie, let me tell you, it's tough. It's also rather inegalitarian in our media, morphing ideal women from compliant bodies into quirky, compliant, skinny bodies. Their interests and dreams are unrealistic, low-paying, and micro-niche while necessarily walking the edge of emotional instability. Like todays hipsters more generally, their individuality looks virtually the same as everyone else's individuality. Short-sheared sheep, if you will. Comet (2014) sticks with our manic pixie dream girl in the form of Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) and the pursuing, Asberger-y Dell (Justin Long), coming in and out of their lives together (and apart) in five moments (possibly in parallel universes) with five different looks (in both cinematography and wardrobe).

They meet, they break up, they get back together, they fight, they meet again. Writer-director Sam Esmail jumbles them all up and provides high speed, pretty clever dialogue that doesn't always land but is usually very funny. If you're not into clever repartee, you might think it was over-written, but I'm a big fan of Aaron Sorkin so over-written only applies when it is poorly performed. Long is a steady deliverer of the cut and thrust while Rossum occasionally sounds like she's doing a cold reading. That said, she gets the unenviable job of being the more normal person who has to say more normal things which can sound weird in combination with the banter and deep thoughts. Esmail and cinematographer Eric Koretz also employ an interesting array of camera work and VFX intervention. It isn't outrageous, but it does go beyond what we might call conventional indie. So, yes, close camera work and pastel color filters, but even more than usual.

I thought the movie was lovely.

There are no bonus features.

"Comet" is on sale July 28, 2015 and is rated R. Comedy, Drama. Written and directed by Sam Esmail. Starring Emmy Rossum, Justin Long.

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