"Regular Show: The Movie" Fails to Adapt the Show's Charm to Something Longer Review

Take me back to high school.  Gotta fix this!

If you're going to judge something, you balance two things: ambition and results.  A film like Interstellar (2015), for example had incredible ambition with mixed results.  Furthermore, the ambition of the film was indisputably worthy of the effort and the results were mixed only in light of its high goal.  That is to say, in a lesser space film, the results would have been laudable.  In a movie like Regular Show: The Movie (2015), the ambition is about the size of Matthew McConaughey's squinted eyelid.  The film's creative team of J.G. Quintel (director/co-writer/vocal star) and Sean Szeles (co-writer) deliver with apparent ease on that gauge, but are perhaps less commendable for that lack of aspiration.  Still, it was kind of a giggle.

Our heroes, if you're not familiar with the parent show, Regular Show (2009-), are the blue jay Mordecai (J.G. Quintel) and the raccoon Rigby (William Salyers).  The film begins in the future where Rigby and his band is trying to destroy an evil imperial force, led by Mr. Ross (Jason Mantzoukas), that is sucking up all of time with its Time-nado.  Mr. Ross is aided by (gasp!) Rigby's old friend Mordecai.  Nearing defeat, Rigby travels back in time to the present to enlist the help of his former/current self.  Present day Rigby and Mordecai take up the challenge (along with the other series regulars) and have to go back in time to the past to stop their younger selves from building the time machine that Mr. Ross uses to destroy time.  Will they succeed?

Regular Show: The Movie is fairly lazy.  It borrows--that is, steals--from Star Wars (1977) and a bunch of high school movies and adds nothing.  In fact, it doesn't even service those fans, like me, that identify the allusions they're making.  Early on--if you can say "early on" with respect to a one-hour movie--they use the music from the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) when he's running back to the house, but the obstacles the characters face aren't similar and there's no slow-motion trampoline jump over the fence, which I take to be absolutely required.  [Checking to make sure I got it right...  I did.]  So what are we here for?  Pastiche or parody?  Half-hearted, whichever the goal.

DVD Bonus Features

Deleted animatics, movie animatics, original board pitch, a trailer, concept gallery, movie gallery, and a commentary track.

"Regular Show: The Movie" is on sale October 13, 2015 and is rated tv-pg. Comedy. Directed by Jg Quintel. Written by J.G. Quintel, Sean Szeles. Starring JG Quintel, William Salyers.

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