"Caesar and Otto's" Audience is Limited to People Just Like Them Review

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Horror is cheap to make and cheap to parody and, for that and other reasons, attractive to make and to parody.  Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween (2015) is a parody horror film for the YouTube age.  Caesar and Otto are the creation of writer/directer/actor Dave Campfield where two underachieving brothers who find themselves in horror stories.  Here, Caesar (Campfield), Otto (Paul Chomicki), and their drunken father (Scott Aguillar) agree to housesit the evil governor's (Ken MacFarlane) second home over the winter.  Craziness ensues with potential possessions, maybe murderous gardeners, hot neighbors, and three dopes caught up in more horror references than they can handle.

Now, I say there are a lot of references, but it's really just a few films parodied higgledy-piggledy with very little of it holding together.  There was a hairy fifteen minutes in the middle where Caesar's imagined film script is played out where I didn't have a clue what was going on.  But, of course, knowing what's going on isn't of paramount importance in a movie like this.  This is low-budget filmmaking at its essence:  rough production work that lives and dies by the filmmaker's tastes complimenting your own.  If your tastes are for slick visuals and tight storytelling, then you're at a loss with Paranormal Halloween.  If you like horror movies, love to make fun of horror movies, and have a fairly adolescent sense of humor, then Paranormal Halloween will be a pleasant hour and a half for you.  I chuckled enough not to hold a grudge, but that's the best I can say for it.

DVD Bonus Features

Two commentaries, one with Campfield and some cast members and another with producer Richard Calderon and other actors, a gag reel, behind the scenes featurette, "The Son of Piggyzilla Trilogy" (about a supersized guinea pig), Robert Z'Dar Tribute, on-set podcast, and a Facebook video.

"Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween" is on sale October 27, 2015 and is not rated. Comedy. Written and directed by Dave Campfield. Starring Dave Campfield, Paul Chomicki.

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