Grimlord - Blood Runneth Over Review

Grimlord is a rough metal band from Poland and I must admit I was very surprised at how great this album truly was. With heavy bass lines and great drumming along with guitarist and vocalist Barth la Picard\'s amazing guitar work these guys will blow you away with their music. They sound like a four piece band and rock as hard as one but do it with melody and style as just a three piece band. The vocals along with the music just make it all that much more enjoyable. Picard\'s deep Polish accent keeps the music strong, tight and hardcore along with Lukasss killing the drums and Orson doing some amazing bass work.

Grimlord slowly brings you into this album with "March of Martyrs" and you unsuspectingly get hit with the track "Blood Runneth Over" which is a true definition of how Grimlord plays their hard smash mouth metal style. Do not, I repeat, do not overlook these guys! They are an underground hit and will go up against other underground metal bands such as The Black Dahila Murder.

Overall if your a true metal fan and listen to bands such as Amon Amarth or 3 Inches Of Blood or even The Haunted such as I do, then do not skip out on Grimlord because if you do you might miss one of the better up and coming metal bands that is currently out there. Go out and pick-up Grimlord\'s Blood Runneth Over and enjoy these Polish heavy metal music makers!

"Blood Runneth Over" is on sale November 30, 2006 from Self-Release.

Sean Anthony


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