Chris Rock: Bring the Pain Review

Chris Rock's breakout comedy routine Bring the Pain is nothing short of superb. His approach to racial conflicts, relationships, and even the benefits of running for office on weed all lend themselves to the Hall of Fame caliber comedy that has gotten many of the favorites where they are today.

Citing Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Rodney Dangerfield, and of course Eddie Murphy, as his inspirations and aspirations, we can see how they influence his comedy, but at the same time the points where he diverges from their similar methods into a whole new form of hilarity. While sometimes his approach to subjects may seem coarse or even a little over the top, they still incite sidesplitting laughter all the same.

Most notably, and the language here is meant to offend no one, (I'm simply quoting...don't hurt me) "Niggers versus Black People". When this routine first aired on HBO this particular segment gained national acclaim and actually helped boost him to the top of the comedy game. Rightfully so. The segment is uproariously funny and worth renting on DVD if for no other reason than to gain a little insight into where Chris Rock's comedy is coming from.

Many people are turned off by Chris Rock's crude language and not to mention his box office flops ranging from Head of State to CB4. Chris Rock found help with his career on SNL, and only after playing the comedy club circuit did he finally earn the gusto to be launched in HBO's special. And what a spectacle it is, pick this one up.

DVD Bonus Features

Extras include "No sex in the champagne room" and "Champagne" music videos, along with a candid interview with Chris Rock and an animated short.

Pick this one up, it'll be a good night of fun.

"Chris Rock: Bring the Pain" is on sale December 31, 1969 and is rated R. Comedy. Directed by Keith Truesdell. Written by Chris Rock. Starring Chris Rock.

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