16 Blocks Review

So I saw this movie without having any expectations. I find that by having expectations you are normally disappointed. So I went in not knowing anything and for free, as usual.

The first thing that I would like to say is a movie with Bruce Willis and David Morse is sure to be good, they should have more movies together, but I guess they\'re roles are too similar most of the time. They both tend to play cops and they look similar and even have similar voices. This being said, I enjoyed having them in a movie together.

Basically the premise of the movie is that Bruce Willis must drive Mos Def to the court house so that he can testify. Bruce Willis is a burnt out cop. He drinks to kill the pain and he tries to take on the least amount of responsibility as possible. During this routine drop off, several people shoot at Bruce Willis and Mos Def and the action begins. Basically Mos Def is testifying against one of the New York Police who he saw shooting a Puerto Rican boy (or something like that). So basically the whole movie is Bruce Willis trying to get Mos Def to the courthouse by ten o\'clock so that they jury can hear his story. The movie is called 16 blocks because Bruce Willis must drive Mos Def 16 blocks to get to the courthouse. Yes, I know, not the most original title, but what can you do nowadays?

It\'s decent character development. We see Bruce Willis change throughout the movie as he helps Mos Def on his way and as the movie progresses we see what kind of a cop Bruce Willis was. Although I think Mos Def did well in conveying the stereotypical uneducated black man I hated his voice. Mos Def\'s character is endearing. Even though he\'s made mistakes and has been in and out of jail, he plans to clean up and start a birthday cake shop. Even though his character was written well, the voice was so nasally I just couldn\'t connect that well with the character. Everytime Mos Def opened his mouth I cringed. I really wanted to punch him in the face or something. Bruce Willis does well as the weary cop, but it seems like that\'s the role he\'s always playing, he needs to get new acting bits. Also, I\'ve noticed (as Jeremy Piven, the agent from Entourage) that Bruce Willis only has two voice ranges: Whispering and yelling. But even though I say this, I still enjoy Bruce Willis movies. David Morse has got to be my favorite character. I really think he nailed the NYC cop attitude and despite what other people think, I\'m sure there are cops out there who would take the same measures to make sure things got done. Probably the most touching part of the movie is the end where Bruce Willis answers Mos Def\'s question. This movie also shows that people can change and even though a cop was crooked doesn\'t mean he always has to be. There are also some humorous parts in the movie that help to break the tension and bring Bruce Willis and Mos Def closer together. Oh Bruce Willis\'s character is Jack Mosley. Does anyone else see the trend of heroes called Jack? There were a couple good chase scenes. I really enjoyed the one in the bus. The gun fights were believable, people did get shot, even Bruce Willis. It\'s not one of those Rambo things where Bruce Willis goes in with a machine gun and kills everyone without getting hit. It\'s probably one of the more believable action movies I\'ve seen in awhile. No over-the-top explosions or crazy action scenes like in The Transporter 2.

Overall I enjoyed the movie. I probably would have enjoyed it had I spent the money to go the theaters. It\'s probably not the most awesome movie you\'ll ever see, but it\'s worth seeing on the big screen, better than Ultraviolet that\'s for damn sure. My suggestion, watch it, you might enjoy it and if you\'re a fan of Bruce Willis and David Morse then you\'ll freakin love this movie.

"16 Blocks" opens March 3, 2006 and is rated PG13. Crime-Thriller, Drama. Directed by Richard Donner. Written by Richard Wenk. Starring Bruce Willis, David Morse, David Zayas, Mos Def.



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