The Aristocrats Review

A documentary on a single joke? Some ideas are just crazy enough to work. It's not just any joke, it's the dirtiest joke ever told. An inside joke that people have been telling for over fifty years, always behind closed doors, and always in private settings. Anything goes, and no one is spared.

The joke is simple. A guy walks into a talent agent's office and says "I have the most amazing family act you'll ever see." Talent agent looks at him and says, "What is it?" (Guy goes on to explain his act), talent agent asks the guy, "What does the family call their Act?" Guy goes, "The Aristocrats!".

Not that funny. It's actually a horrible joke. What's amazing is how these talented people take something so simple and turn it into an eye watering experience. A hundred comedians take turns explaining a joke, and no one person tells the joke the same way. To list all the big names and how they put their own personal spin on it would ruin the movie. From the likes of George Carlin, Robin Williams, Matt Stone & Trey Parker, to even the editorial staff of, they twist this exercise and add their own special something to it.

There's even a mime.

If you like comedy, and want to see some of the funniest living legends talk about the dirtiest subjects, then this is a must see film. If you don't laugh at least a few times, you lack a funny bone!

Just make sure to leave the kids at home. The movie has no nudity, no violence, but it has obscenities that people won't believe, and from people they'd least expect. This movie is Not Rated. If you do see it in the theater make sure to bring your I.D. as no one under 17 will be allowed in. (NR films can be sold on DVD in places where NC-17 Films can not.)

90 minutes of pure enjoyment. Everyone walked out of the film laughing. This documentary has so many levels of humor built into it that parts of the audience would laugh, while others were silent.

Just remember, it's only a joke. Everything that's there is to shock you into laughing.

"The Aristocrats" opens July 29, 2005 and is not rated. Comedy, Documentary. Directed by Paul Provenza. Written by None. Starring Andy Dick, Andy Richter, Billy Connolly, Bob Saget, Chris Rock, Don Rickles, Drew Carey, Eddie Izzard, Eric Idle, Fred Willard, George Carlin, Gilbert Gottfried, Hank Azaria, Howie Mandel, Jason Alexander, Jeffrey Ross, Jon Stewart, Kevin Pollak, Larry Miller, Lewis Black, Lisa Lampanelli, Matt Stone, Phyllis Diller, Robin Williams, Sarah Silverman, Trey Parker, Whoopi Goldberg.



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