Crash Review

What a surprise! I hadn't heard much about this film, and walking into the theater I joked with my buddy, "If they start playing Dave Mathews I'm leaving!" He chuckled and as we went to grab our seats we saw a bunch of people on dates, and teenagers. I forgot that 9:00:PM movies on Friday was teen movie time. The latest they could see a movie and get home before curfew. I sat down and shook my head. What did I get myself into?

As the opening credits rolled one of the first names that popped up was Sandra Bullock. I yelled at an almost uncontrollable voice and tone "Ah F***" and got some head turns and stares. I didn't care; I wasn't in the mood for a chick flick. But then Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Ludacris, & Ryan Phillippe came on the screen as well. Along with a ton of others and I couldn't imagine a chick flick having so many high profile Hollywood names. I got confused.

Then the opening line hit. And while it's exact quote escapes me, it's impact remains. This wasn't going to be a movie that anyone in the audience expects. What was this?

The movie is set around LA and follows the life of people that don't know each other but are strangely connected. One story after another connects, and shows how our actions towards others directly affect them, even if we never met them before. The race card is used through out the movie, and it is used in such a way that people have to take notice. It's the way we would use it behind closed doors but never in public. Not ever in public.

It's hard to describe with out ruining key moments, so I won't explain any further.

This film was amazingly well written. I had forgotten that Hollywood could make movies like these. I've seen American Beauty and American History X, and this hits along the same line, except you can connect with almost every character.

The movie is funny, but most of the humor will role over peoples heads. It makes fun of race and racists. It makes jokes that are similar to those heard in bars, locker rooms, and around water coolers, but in a movie some how seem inappropriate. People don't laugh at these jokes in public; it's not "nice". I didn't care, I laughed anyway, and got peoples heads turned as if they where saying "you racist bastard."

The movie twists and turns, and as we find out how these people are all connected it gives a wow factor. It drives home the point "Do onto others" & "What you do comes back 10 fold" in a way that the common man should understand it. But sadly I believe the message the movie was trying to send went over 90% of the audience's head.

As the movie came to an end people didn't wait for the credits. They got up almost angry and rushed out of the door. The ones that got it sat back for a moment and looked around. I made eye contacted with them as they where shaking their heads. And then we nodded together as if in agreement.

This was a great movie! Not everyone will want to hear the message, and not everyone will agree, but they should see it. I was pleasantly surprised, and for a random pick it was amazing. I understand why the large all-star cast, and why they all wanted the roles. This movie was well written and needed to be well acted, mission accomplished. This movie needed a lot of star power to being in the people, and the theater was almost full. This was not a chick flick, and I didn't hear Dave Matthews.

This is a must see film for everyone!

If your unsure about seeing the film, then it can wait for DVD or a movie channel, but I spent money on so many bad films, that this movie deserved to be seen in the theater. This is not a typical Hollywood Film.

"Crash" opens May 6, 2005 and is rated R. Drama. Directed by Paul Haggis. Written by Paul Haggis, Robert Moresco. Starring Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard, Thandie Newton, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Esposito, Matt Dillon, William Fichtner, Brendan Fraser, Ryan Phillipe.



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