Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC) Review


In the world of RPG’s like Diablo, Elder Scrolls and HellGate: London there is one game that brings the best of all 3 of these and rolls them into a beautifully crafted RPG that gives you open world freedom, mythical stories and powers along with the ability to ride a tiger (it’s random but I loved it!) and that one game finally has a sequel to it. Say hello to Sacred2: Fallen Angel



Sacred 2 is the prequel to Sacred and asks you to assume 1 of 6 character types (Seraphim, High Elf, Dryad, Inquisitor, Shadow Warrior, Temple Guardian). This is an upgrade from the original Sacred where you could only assume the Seraphim character so this is a great upgrade. Let us start with the characters. The Seraphim is the embodiment of all that is good and can only travel the path of the good. The High Elf and Dryad are able to choose their path of either good or evil. The Inquisitor is the embodiment of all that is evil and can only travel that path. The Shadow Warrior and Temple Guardian have the choice of the evil or good path.

The ancient world of Ancaria is in disarray. The angelic like race called Seraphim guarded Ancaria for it was an epicenter of T-Energy which was the source of great power and peace as well as long life. In essence it encompasses life and everything in the world of Ancaria. As those who walked the land of Ancaria grew and civilized and gained knowledge the angel like warriors looked upon the world they guarded with warmth as the Ancient Elves prospered and learned to manipulate the T-Energy. The Ancient Elves prospered heavily at first as they controlled the flow of the T-Energy. This worked until petty fighting took over and factions vied for control of the T-Energy. This eventually became a full scale civil war. The once powerful Elves that were given an amazing gift but gave into greed and dissent which brought about their own destruction.

As the Ancient Elves imploded the other civilizations grew interested in the vacuum of power that was left behind. This only made the fighting continue and spill into all of Ancaria. As the wars raged on the T-Energy started to change as well, change into something terrible and dark. This change created widespread mutations and one time prosperous regions into desolate wastelands. This destruction resulted in an uneasy peace and one that was doomed to fail. As all the groups attempted to move themselves into a place of power over one another all out war seemed as likely as the grass continuing to grow.

Cries for heros are heard throughout the world of Ancaria and the people are waiting for someone to step up and to reconcile that which has been decimated. Here is where you come in. Will you harness the T-Energy for the good of Ancaria and stomp out the evil it has created? Or will you harness its power for your own selfish wants and bring the lands of Ancaria to its knees? You make the decision. Story gets an A+.




The gameplay is beautiful and flows really well. You can modify your combat arts and upgrade and link together you and your alter ego’s combat skills in order to match up to your playing style. The deities offer very unique and useful combat disciplines and can unlock additional quests. You can mount a number of animals like Tigers, Lizards and more which makes it unique and fun and different. There are hundreds of hours of free roaming exploration and many different places to explore along with many different enemies to fight. One of the best things of the game is when you’re fighting a group of enemies and you take out the leader the rest of the group go’s into temporary disarray allowing you to hack away at least until one of your enemies gains command and rallies the rest of his group. Your opponents will react differently to you based on your path by supporting, attacking or ignoring your character. The hotkey and combat system is great but can be clunky from time to time. Gameplay gets an A-.




The graphics are well done especially considering how large the world is and the amount of different enemy NPC’s along with their tactics and mindsets. The detail on the trolls is my personal favorite considering their huge bulky build. The dragons look beautiful too. The detail on your character is very exceptional and the armor is detailed and very vibrant.Graphics get an A-.




The sound is harmonic and fits the mythological style gameplay and the lushes world that Ancaria is. Everything fits beautifully and works well with the game as you would hope. Sound gets an A-.




The replay value is going to be huge. It is like Elder Scrolls mixed with HellGate: London so the online is going to be very sexy. The large open world added with the characters means this could possibly rival the abilities of WOW in the future. This game has a lot to offer along with several different stories for the characters. Mix that with the choice of going down a light or dark path and the many side quests you can complete and you have a beautiful and well made game. This has a lot of potential especially since it will becoming out on the counsels X360 and PS3 as well. This is an RPG that will keep you playing and keep you going on Xbox Live or Playstation Network. The Replay value gets an A.




This game overall has a lot of good qualities with very few negatives. This is large like Just Cause with the gameplay of Diablo and Elder Scrolls put together. If you’re an RPG lover and can’t wait for Diablo 3 orthe next Elder Scrolls then this game is definitely for you. Along with great combat, a large world and great landscape this has a story that is structured and well done. Give this game a try I promise you will not regret it!

Overall Grade: A

"Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC)" is on sale September 30, 2008 and is not rated. RPG.

Sean Anthony


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