Mr. 3000 Review

I think Eric Champnella should stick to writing screenplays because this movie wasn't good at all. He brought along his boy Keith Mitchell (they shared writing the screenplay for the movie Eddie in 1996) to a disaster story. Usually when you watch a good comedy you leave the theater remembering certain lines that were funny. You expect Bernie Mac to be, as Jeffrey Lyons of NBC TV put it, "very funny." But he wasn't really.

The story starts off as Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) is chasing a goal of becoming a member of the hall of fame and nothing more. He has this fixation, just as Pete Rose, that if you reach a certain milestone you should be inducted into the Hall. Well his Brewers are in a race for the pennant and he reaches that milestone, the 3000th hit. He walks out on his team and begins his new life outside of baseball. Years after being inducted into the Hall, members of the induction team to Baseball's Hall of Fame find an error where three of his hits were recorded and shouldn't have been. He rejoins the fanless Brewers, where the owner decides to simply keep him until he gets that illustrious 3000th, causing a rise in the fan base. As the movie progresses Stan Ross becomes more of a team player rather than a ME player.

There are a few short moments where the movie is good but overall it was more of a drama then a comedy. I would tell people to pass on this one.

"Mr. 3000" opens September 17, 2004 and is rated PG13. Comedy. Directed by Charles Stone III. Written by Eric Champnella, Keith Mitchell. Starring Angela Bassett, Bernie Mac, Chris Noth.



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