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Armored Core stands as one of the few good games where you are a pilot of a large robotic craft that is humanoid, not to mention that this is the 13th installment of the series. We all remember the Gundam Wing game series and how for the most part, it disappointed. Since the early PS1 days Armored Core has prided itself on large fields of gameplay, great weapons and ridiculous customization. With Armored Core 4 under their belts, Ubisoft set its sights on a new AC game by the name of Armored Core: For Answer. Will this mechanized series continue to dominate the genre of robotic warfare? Or will it fall prey to repetitive and boring gameplay? Let’s see with the review of Armored Core: For Answer.




ACFA takes place roughly a decade after AC4. The world has become death and is polluted from not only humanity, but also Kojima particles from the waste. The corporations of the original Pax Economica banned together to create large fortresses called Cradles for mankind to survive on. Now, some half of mankind lives within these Cradles while many others die on the planet's surface. The peoples of the surface create a resistance group called ORCA to fight against the League of Corporations and their motives. You are a survivor of the National Dismantlement War, you are a Lynx, a pilot of the most feared of ACs known, a NEXT. You must battle both ORCA and the Corporations as a merc and fight against their Arms Forrts, which are giant mammoths with enough firepower to wipe out continents. You as a NEXT pilot were cast aside from the Corporations and now area merc for hire.

You start with your basic training to get you used to the controls again or to get you used to them in general if you are new to the game itself. After you accomplish that you then must choose a client. You can choose from 4 different operations with many strengths as well as weaknesses. Here are your options:


GA: Their mechs have great defense as well as heavy weapon,but lack smaller arms as well as giving up speed. If you choose GA your missions may be limited with other clients.


Interior Union: The IU supports TORUS and oppose the GA. Their mechs are very energy efficient as well as utilize laser and energy based weapons, but lack heavy ballistic weapons. If you choose IU your missions may be limited with other clients.


OMER: The OMER stay distant from both GA and the IU. OMER uses highly mobile Rosenthal mechs. If you choose OMER your missions may be limited with other clients.


Independent: If you choose to go independent there are some major positives as well as negatives. The positives are you are unaffiliated and therefore your missions with not be limited by cliental and that your mech(s) will be very good in CQC (close quarter combat) situations. The downside is you use a very old Rayleonard model mech and getting bigger better mechs is kind of rough.


After you choose your client or go indy, you can choose from several missions at a time. Most are on a salary base pay (ex. 500,000) but some are on a commission base where you are paid depending on what you destroy or other objectives that are given. All in all, the story gives you a lot to work through and a lot to work on with your mech. It is enjoyable and a great extension to the Armored Core saga.

Story: A


Armored Core has always offered pretty solid gameplay and For Answer is no different. This has very solid gameplay. If you have played the series before you know the ungodly amount of customizing that you can do to your AC. From arm and shoulder based weapons to your AC’s core and boosters.Basically it is limitless. One thing that I have to say was done better than Armored Core 4 was the mission settings.You can choose who to work for by taking contracts and fulfilling them. I personally enjoy all the commission contracts which can bring in heaps of credits. While all that is solid I gotta talk controls and battles. The controls are easy to grasp and easy to master which gives you a lot of flex for what your style is. The “boss” battles are generally fun yet challenging especially when fighting against large foes which are as majestic as they are dangerous.


Armored Core: For Answer offers some straight up mech warfare with a taste of gunsmoke. From mini-guns to multi-rocket launchers to AC swords this game is loaded with weaponry choices. You will need new larger weapons to defeat the giant and I mean GIANT mechs that you will eventually face. They best part to me about ACFA is that they finally got non-online co-op play in the game. This is something I have been wanting since Armored Core 2 personally. The co-op offers new tactically strategy to what you choose to do. It is much easier to flank and beat your opponents with a co-op teammate. You can do co-op online as well as offline. ACFA offers twice,that’s right 2 times as much customization as AC4. By far the best part is battling the massive weapons that the different enemies have due to their size, strength and the payout that you get from their destruction. It is fun to fight large amounts of enemies and mechs and just watch the ludicrous weapon fire and destruction! This game lets you put the laughter in slaughter.

Gameplay: B+


The graphics are solid and the large distant enemies are astoundingly wonderful. The graphics are really solid and are satisfactory for the X360 system. The detail on the mechs is well put and the color schemes give your AC some good looks. You can create your own symbol (take that Rock Band!) and place it on several places on your mech in great detail. The graphics are exceptional and give the player some good looks for their ACs.

Graphics: B


Armored Core offers great musical symphonies to their gameplay always and ACFA is no different. From the opening cinematic to the actual gameplay you will get some wonderful music that keeps you in sync with the game itself. The weapons are great sounding and the explosions are beautiful and have some good kick to them. I believe music is underrated in games and ACFA really proves that for me with their great musical sounds and the sounds of the battlefield when you’re fighting against several other mechs. The sound in this game is superb and much better than a lot of other games.

Sound: A+




Replay value is essential to any game. Armored Core: For Answer honestly has some great replay value. You can play co-op offline and online as I stated before, the big thing here is that depending on your contractor you can have some different missions as well as the large amount of customization that you will do to your AC. With great battles ahead of you, you’re going to want to pimp you AC and load it up with some crazy ass weapons and looks. What i’m trying to say here is that ACFA brings what we all would want from a mech based videogame. They have lots of firepower, great detail, loads of customization, and co-op play. The replay value here is extensive and gives a large amount of satisfaction to players.

Replay: A


Armored Core just straight up delivers in this installment of the series. This is a game that can get people into the AC series, which is usually rare in this late of an installment. ACFA gives the gamer true freedom to decide his fate along with the fate of many others all while getting an array of volatile destruction machines. Being given the reins to pretty much anything you want it to be is fresh and a enjoyable experience for players to have. I have to say that Armored Core: For Answer is one of the better games of the series and shows what the saga can really do. With high–tech weaponry, great customization and a long and enjoyable storyline Armored Core: For Answer really gives it’s punch and a worthwhile one at that. This is one to add to the collection if you’re a fan of the AC series, but if you have never played it, it is worth at minimum a rental. I suggest giving it a test run, you won’t be disappointed.


Overall: A-



1000 kills 20 Achieved 1000 kills
1000 wins 20 Achieved 1000 wins
10000 kills 40 Achieved 10000 kills
10000 wins 40 Achieved 10000 wins
2000 kills 20 Achieved 2000 kills
2000 wins 20 Achieved 2000 wins
3000 kills 20 Achieved 3000 kills
3000 wins 20 Achieved 3000 wins
4000 kills 20 Achieved 4000 kills
4000 wins 20 Achieved 4000 wins
5000 kills 20 Achieved 5000 kills
5000 wins 20 Achieved 5000 wins
7500 kills 20 Achieved 7500 kills
7500 wins 20 Achieved 7500 wins
AF Answerer 20 Defeated AF Answerer
AF Cabracan 20 Defeated AF Cabracan
AF Eclipse 20 Defeated AF Eclipse
AF Great Wall 20 Defeated AF Great Wall
AF Jet 20 Defeated AF Jet
AF Land Crab 20 Defeated AF Land Crab
AF Soldios Orbit 20 Defeated AF Soldios Orbit
AF Stigro 20 Defeated AF Stigro
AF The Spilit of Motherwill 20 Defeated AF The Spilit of Motherwill
Arena 30 Completed the arena
Arena Rank 10 20 Ranked in the top 10
Arena Rank 20 20 Ranked in the top 20
Chapter 1 20 Completed Chapter 1
Chapter 2 20 Completed Chapter 2
Chapter 3 20 Completed Chapter 3
Class A 30 Promoted to Class A
Class C 20 Promoted to Class C
Class E 20 Promoted to Class E
Ending 1 40 Completed story 1
Ending 2 40 Completed story 2
Ending 3 40 Completed story 3
Hard Difficulty 20 Completed all Hard Missions
Mission Rank S 30 Achieved Total Mission Rank S
Mission Rank SS 40 Achieved Total Mission Rank SS
Normal Difficulty 20 Completed all Normal Missions
ORCA Arena 30 Completed ORCA arena
Ranker 40 Promoted to Ranker

"Armored Core: For Answer (X360)" is on sale September 16, 2008 and is rated T. RPG.

Sean Anthony


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