Collateral Review

I have to say I heard a few bad reviews about this movie because of the role Tom Cruise played in it. After watching it, I don't see how anyone couldn't give this movie a 'thumbs up'

The movie takes place in modern time. An unsuspecting cab driver (Jamie Foxx) get's hired by Vincent (Tom Cruise) to drive him around for an entire night running "errands". By the first "errand" the cabbie finds out what he's in for and the movie takes off. The movie has VERY few lull moments when the action subsides. When it does, it's entirely appropriate and adds to the characters and overall theme of the movie. There are some terrific action scenes and the shooting style done by Tom Cruise is realistic down to the combat reloads he does in a club scene.

Collateral has a nice mix of background music that blends well into the movie.

It's refreshing to see Tom Cruise play a 'bad guy' role. In my opinion this movie expanded on his acting background and will lead to more similar roles in the future. This one is definitely worth seeing....twice...:)

"Collateral" opens August 6, 2004 and is rated R. Action. Directed by Michael Mann. Written by Stuart Beattie. Starring Jada Pinket Smith, Jamie Foxx, Javier Bardem, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Cruise, Debi Mazar.



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