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With Xbox Live being one of the greatest online components in Microsoft's arsenal against Sony and Nintendo, they have released many a game to a willing audience. With so many games out there like Xbox originals (Indigo Prophecy, Halo, Ninja Gaiden) as well as others from smaller companies. This is one of those many online games from a smaller company. It is called Braid and is the story of young Tim in his quest for the Princess. Braid is done in a side scroller fashion and as you go from one world to another you must piece (literally) together the forgotten past in order to find her and save her. How will Braid fare against a loaded X360 with the many games it has? Let's find out, here is the review for Braid.



This is the story of Tim and his quest to find the Princess, a character that is seemingly and totally unknown to you the player. As you go from each world you are given texts that give a story of love and of tragedy. As you progress you learn more of Tim and more of the Princess and how their lives intertwine with one another. The story itself is one of deep originality in this day and age and gives you, the player a vested interest in seeing this thing through to the end. In the days of kill first ask questions later gaming this is one where you must think and combat only your own knowledge of the situation. Braid is a triumph in the gaming world with an innovative and direct storyline that begs the question "What's going on here?"


Story: A



The gameplay is one of difference and learning. If you are hard headed and hate to learn a new system then steer away from this scrolling puzzle game. Braid lets you control time and utilize it to your advantage in most of the game. Each world has its own style to the time control system you posses. Your fighting is simple and Mario Bros like. You just jump on their head and kill them, except bosses who you must drop things on their heads in order to do away with them. You collect puzzle pieces which you must piece (get it now from the starting paragraph?) together in order to solve each world. The pieces are no easy task to collect by any means. You must utilize your enemies, time and leverage to get to all the pieces successfully. The gameplay is amazing and what this game lacks in graphics it makes up with creative and innovative gameplay.


Gameplay: A




While graphically Braid is inferior that is not what the game is made for. Braid is a nice and detailed game in the 2D scroller sense. The details of the background though are just beautiful. Right when you start the game you see an amazing and astounding view with a great fire styled background(second picture posted at the top). The game itself is a wondrous looking engine with the minor details that make up for the games 2D style. The main character Tim, for example, has very detailed clothing and a very defined face. This is where Braid makes its true marks.


Graphics: B+




The sound effects are calming and really define each world you enter. You will get different music for each world you go through and it helps you along most of the time. The sound gives you a calm for all of the puzzles that Braid contains. The sound effects provide you with something to keep you going and keep you alert when doing all of the puzzle solving. It is enjoyable and fun and is exceptional.


Sound: B+




Replay value is of some interest with this game. It will take you a good amount of time to actually beat the games main story to which I have to say will credit you with a long game. While this technically is not replaying it, it is giving you a large amount of playing time which is what you definitely desire. It is a game of monumental interest, intrigue and hardship and while it may not be totally worth a second playthrough, it will be worth the long long playthrough it gives to you.


Replay: B+




Braid is a one of a kind XBL gem. While there are hundreds of games to choose from Braid will force you to think and force you to learn. It is a game of deep interest and rough learning that gives you that great feeling of accomplishment once you get it done. If your looking for something to pass your time and something that is worth the price tag of 1200 Microsoft points ($15 USD). What I have to say is if your looking for a game to get into and a game that will honestly catch you off guard, this is it. Braid offers innovation to the slide scrolling games of yesteryear with a ending that will leave you wondering...


Overall: A-




Closure (60) - Complete the game.
Solved World 2 (15) - Fit together all the world 2 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Solved World 3 (15) - Fit together all the world 3 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Solved World 4 (15) - Fit together all the world 4 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Solved World 5 (15) - Fit together all the world 5 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Solved World 6 (15) - Fit together all the world 6 puzzle pieces and align the puzzle in its frame.
Speed Run (15) - Complete a full speed run of the entire game, beating the challenge time.
Traversed World 2 (10) - Travel all the way across World 2.
Traversed World 3 (10) - Travel all the way across World 3.
Traversed World 4 (10) - Travel all the way across World 4.
Traversed World 5 (10) - Travel all the way across World 5.
Traversed World 6 (10) - Travel all the way across World 6.

"Braid (X360)" is on sale August 6, 2008 and is rated E10+. Platform. Developed by Number None Inc. Published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Sean Anthony


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