The Terminal Review

Let me start by saying I'm very fond of Tom Hanks's acting ability. He has played numerous roles that must have been very challenging.

In The Terminal Tom Hanks plays Victor who is trying to gain entry to the United States. His country falls to civil unrest and his passport becomes invalid. Victor falls in a crack of our customs system and ends up literally living at the airport for nine months.

I was impressed by the set as I heard the set was built from scratch and was not filmed inside of an actual airport.

The Terminal had a unique story line not seen in any recent movies. With that said, the only thing that carried this movie was Tom Hanks's acting ability. There were a few chuckles during the movie, but nothing "gut busting" by any stretch of the imagination. Even the romantic side of this movie left a LOT to be desired for. Catherine Zeta Jones had a sub par performance in this movie. Some parts of the movie including a 80 year old janitor running onto the tarmac and stopping a moving air plane were just beyond unrealistic.

The movie seemed to change direction so often; it leaves you with a feeling of what happened to all the rest of the stuff they started to get into.

Overall, a very good Tom Hanks performance, but that\'s it. Definitely a video rental and only if the movie you were originally going for is gone. No wonder this didn\'t do well in the theaters....

"The Terminal" opens June 18, 2004 and is rated PG13. Comedy, Drama. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Sacha Gervasi, Jeff Nathanson. Starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Chi McBride, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hanks.



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