Assault on Precinct 13 Review

I's a snowy new year's eve and Sergeant Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke), his secretary, and a retired officer are in charge of the soon to be closed precinct 13. They plan on celebrating the new year and taking it easy, but soon they receive word that a prisoner transport needs to stay the night due to the weather. One of these prisoners is gangster Marion Bishop (Laurence Fishburne), who is under arrest for killing a cop. Without ruining the whole plot of the movie for you, the precinct is soon under siege by a certain group who wants Bishop dead and the criminals and cops are forced to work together to make it out alive.

I really didn't know much about the movie before I went to see it and didn't really have great expectations for it either. It was more for something to occupy my time; however it turned out to be a descent film. Now granted it's a pretty cliche situation, but the action is intense and scenes are well filmed. It really never gives you a chance to settle down as the action is pretty continuous, yet never boring. Along with the action, the actors gave very nice performances which you might not expect in a typical action movie.

Overall I would give Assault on Precinct 13 a 7 out of 10 as the action keeps you in your seat always wondering if anyone will make it out of the precinct, but the overall premise of the movie is still a bit common for a plot. If your into action it's definitely a movie you should at least make sure to rent.

"Assault on Precinct 13" opens January 19, 2005 and is rated R. Action. Directed by Jean Francois Richet. Written by John Carpenter, James DeMonaco. Starring Brian Dennehy, Drea De Matteo, Ethan Hawke, Gabriel Byrne, John Leguizamo, Laurence Fishburne, Maria Bello.



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