Castle Crashers (X360) Review

Xbox Live Arcade, one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's power hungry juggernaut that is the X360 has produced some great games. While some games are older games brought back, there are some totally new and fun games. One of those games is Castle Crashers made by those at newgrounds.com and also the makers of Alien Hominid. With side scrollers being something they find fun, can they make a damn good one that also isn't boring or just overall stupid? Let's see...


This is a fun story here, you assume the role of a knight[or you can be the Alien from Alien Hominid] and must rescue the 4 princesses and the giant power crystal thingy. An evil sorcerer has stolen the power crystal and his barbarian minions have kidnapped the 4 princesses. You must fight your way to save all 4 of them and get the king's power crystal thingy back. You must fight from a large map and go several different places in order to save the princesses and gain new abilities as well as new weapons along the way. The story here is good and funny as was Alien Hominid's was. The story is and solid here and for an XBL game, is actually better than some other games I've played [I'm lookin' at you Secret Service (review will be posted on this one soon)].

Story: B+


Simple and great is what defines the gameplay here. With button smashing and magic this game has a lot of stupid fun for gamers. With your simple combos and magic attacks and many a boss fight it is a never ending slaughterfest. Throw this all together with 4 player co-op and you can see why it is fun. The arena and eating mini games are just as ridiculous and enjoyable as the regular storyline game itself is. You can get several other weapons [unless you're the Alien Hominid character] and can unlock a god awful amount of playable characters to be. The boss battles are over the top [in a good way] and generally end stupidly with a pinch of funny. The bloodletting in the game helps it along the way and the best part is it auto saves and if others want to play with you, you don't have to worry about having to play the game from the very beginning, you can choose which level you want to begin at. This I believe is one of the better things in the game, we all hate being forced to restart the entire game when were right at the end cause your asshead of a friend wants to join in. Thank you Castle Crashers for fixing this little problem.

Gameplay: A


The graphics are side scroller but still good. They utilize the same graphical style as Alien Hominid and detail them a bit better too. The characters are cool looking and the terrain is pretty good looking for a side scroller. It is however still a side scroller and will obviously be lower quality and that will hurt it to a degree but again, it is a XBL game and is fun. The graphics are not the highlight of the game but are solid and good looking.

Graphics: B


The sound is good. The effects are what make this game great. The bosses and underlings make awkward sounds and give weird looks which personifies the game as a fun and joking kind of game. The effects are solid and the background music goes very well with the medieval times and the comical happenings throughout the game. The sound is a real winner here and helps the game tremendously.

Sound: A


The replay is high simply due to a few factors; the online play with up to 3 other people, the arena and eating mini games you can do online as well as a lengthy and enjoyable storyline. You can unlock a slew of new characters as well as use many other weapons which enhance the replayability among other things. From the beginning of the game the replay value is solid and with other mini games to get into it is easy to see how this can filter time in between other major titles out there.

Replay: A-


The game is one of the best on XBL and that's no lie. I thoroughly enjoyed swinging my mallet and or sword around and killing some randoms all while looking for the princesses and kicking major ass. The gameplay is wicked badass and the online play is sick nasty too. The characters are awesome and there a tons and tons of them as well. The game is solid from newgrounds and we can all thank Tom Fulp for another innovative and interesting game that offers great bloodshed as well as strong gameplay. The game is worth the Xbox points and has solid gameplay, sound effects, and replay value. This is a great party game and is great in single player as well as co-op so don't think it isn't worth it if you're a loner. Even if you are there is still online play that is kick ass as hell.

Overall: A-


K.I.S.S 15
Collect all four princess' kisses in a multiplayer game
Traditional 20
Complete the game using any character
The Traitor 20
Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions
Deer Trainer 20
Navigate the abandoned mill without hitting any obstacle
Conscientious Objector 20
Complete the barbarian area without attacking once
Maximum Firepower 10
Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power
Animal Handler 20
Collect all of the animals
Arena Master 15
Win 40 ranked arena matches
Glork 15
Win 20 ranked All You Can Quaff Matches
Melee is Best 15
Defeat any boss without using any magic
Treasure Hunter 20
Find and dig up ten buried items
Medic! 10
Resuscitate all of your fallen comrades

"Castle Crashers (X360)" is on sale January 14, 2008 and is rated T. Action. Developed by The Behemoth. Published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Sean Anthony


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