Absolute Garbage Review

I realized after watching the Absolute Garbage DVD just how much I’d neglected a piece of my music library which deserved much more attention. My old Garbage albums had just sat in hard drive without even the occasional glance in their direction for probably over two years. That streak would have only gotten longer – not because I didn’t like Garbage’s music anymore – because I’d become so obsessed with finding new music. But Absolute Garbage changed all of that.

While I’d listened to Garbage more than my share in the past, watching the videos was something I’d never actually done. While many people are familiar with their bigger hits like “Only Happens When It Rains” and “Special”, few have ever seen the videos associated with them (unless they had their eyes glued to MTV during those years – I didn’t). Once I’d ogled the videos of the songs I knew very well, I moved on to the songs that had previously gone unappreciated when I listened to the albums with greater fervor. The music videos really do add quite a bit of aesthetic to the songs. The grunge sound of Garbage can almost be explained through the videos. The grunge actually takes on a visual meaning of its own and becomes personified by the grainy film or the harsh jerky motions of the characters within.

After you’ve browsed the music videos there’s the added bonus of the documentary. While it doesn’t shed too much light into the workings of Garbage it does allow the audience to reminisce with footage spanning way back when the band was just getting its feet wet on the tour circuit. Some of the documentary even goes back far enough to revel in the status of Garbage as a band comprised of producers wanting to get back into actually playing the music. There’s some genuine gold to be found in the documentary even if it can feel long. For the true fans, it won’t seem nearly long enough after the hiatus – but it’ll have to do.

An additional downside is the omission of a few music videos from the otherwise extensive library featured on the DVD.

Absolute Garbage is a gift to the fans from the band. For the true devotees the DVD can’t really go wrong. For those of you new to the Garbage scene – or dare I say it…too young to know who they are – this DVD is an excellent way to discover the raw talent that was Garbage.

"Absolute Garbage" is on sale July 24, 2007 and is rated G. Documentary. Directed by Various. Written by N/A. Starring Garbage.

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