2009 New York Yankees World Series Collection Review

The Yankees: either you love them or you hate them. If the latter then you’re pretty much bound to be disappointed more often than not because as popular sports journalism puts it, they’re the “winningest” team of all time. If you happen to be among the many Yankee fans out there, then there’s a whole new layer of categorization to go through. Do you go to every game? Are you the type who pays extra for that full cable sports package so you never miss a game? Did you host parties for your friends to come over, have a brew and watch New York’s finest pound the other teams into mere footnotes of 2009’s MLB season? Then delight in the DVD release of the entire 2009 World Series wherein the Yankees lay waste to the Phillies. All six games (each on their own disc) plus the last game of the ALC Championship series against the Angels (also on its own disc) make the set a formidable block of sports viewing for anyone so inclined to relive those moments.

The series started off with a bad omen. 6 to 1 in the Phillies’ favor really makes the first game a less than stellar start. In fact the first game really isn’t good baseball at all from the perspective of a Yankee fan – or anyone for that matter, no offense intended for Phillies fans. Nothing seems to go right for the pinstriped boys, but luckily it was in no way indicative of how the remaining five games would play out. Game 2 definitely has more nail biting suspense, but it’s not until you get to the final four games that the two teams really tear away at each other.

Games 3, 4 and 5 may be the best in the set. Some of the best plays are found here and overall they’re each solid displays of why baseball is the American pastime. The Phillies put forth a good effort, but ultimately decisive runs by the likes of MVP Hideki Matsui and fellow teammates Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera and Damon proved to be too much. There’s enough in these three games to make up for the rather dull happenings of the preceding two that the five games round out to an above average sporting experience. The sixth game however doesn’t have much suspense at all. The Yankees take the lead and never really seem in any danger of giving it up. You might be buying the set for the memories, but when it comes down to really rewatching the series all the way through, you might want to do yourself a favor and just watch 3, 4, 5 and the last 10 minutes of the final game – just so you can watch and silently (or not silently) cheer as the players rush the field in that frenzied joy that only championship athletes ever really exhibit.

To be fair, nothing really makes this set special. It’s their 27th World Series win and if ever there was an undertone of “Yes, we’re in the World Series, blah blah blah” it’s here and it’s coming from the Yankees. In contrast, the Phillies seem genuinely excited. That’s the drawback of being the winningest team of all time, getting to that final stretch starts to lose the luster it has for the teams who get there only once in a rare while. The real set that makes sense for a special DVD release would be the ALC series the Yankees won in 2009 as it was their 40th, you know, a round number that carries some sort of celebrative occasion. But 27? Congratulations, sure, but even as a fan it’s hard to get too excited.

DVD Bonus Features

Besides a healthy helping of World Series and seasonal stats on the 2009 Yankees team the set features a rather interesting collection of interchangeable audio commentaries from the likes of various sports radio teams like FOX Sports, ESPN, Yankees Radio and Phillies Radio. The best two, if you’re looking for a new way to watch the World Series games, are the Yankees and Phillies Radio audio tracks. Switch between the two numerous times through the course of one game and take delight in how the tones of the commentators change as the events of a game take a turn in their respective team’s favor. It’s pretty fun to listen to. Otherwise, the bonus disc features a cavalcade of highlight reels from the normal and postseason games as well as player interviews and the final trophy presentation. The set’s pretty complete for the diehard Yankees fan. For the average Joe who watches Yankee games when he remembers, however, the set offers nothing to entice a purchase.

"2009 New York Yankees World Series Collection" is on sale December 15, 2009 and is rated NR. Sports. Directed by N/A. Starring Various.

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