The San Francisco Giants World Series 2010 Collector's Edition Review

For ardent fans eager to relieve the winningly underdog victory corralled by the San Francisco Giants, MLB Video and A&E are here to help, delivering an eight-disk set faithfully preserving the six games as well as the two NLCS wins over Philadelphia that helped propel the Giants to the World Series. Presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen, the set holds up well on the non-HD small screen. The impressive sound package includes the original broadcast audio, a Spanish track, and individual tracks from both the Giants and Rangers. Extras are slim, essentially culminating in about an hour's worth of Giants highlight reel for the past year. Pre and post-game coverage is also included, rounding out a complete series.

Overall, it’s a satisfying set, almost-but-not-quite reasonably priced ($53.99 @ Amazon at the time of publishing), a tip of the hat from the MLB to semi-obsessive fans. The disks are snugly packaged in individual cases and each case features a summary of the game as well as a variety of trivia printed on the inside slips. It’s a nice touch in an otherwise impersonal but thoroughly comprehensive set. While veering away from a meticulous look at the many eccentricities and individual achievements that climaxed in an unexpected and satisfying win, a DVR-less fan with an itch to relive the thrills of last year's World Series could do well worse than reviewing these games as well as the variety of commentaries available.

"The San Francisco Giants World Series 2010 Collector's Edition" is on sale December 14, 2010 and is not rated. Sports. Starring Various.

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