Whitney Cummings: Money Shot Review

Sitting down to savor Whitney Cummings’s recently new stand-up DVD Money Shot, I settled in with high expectations. As far as her skills as a comedienne go, it’s harder to find a funnier, sharper one. She takes elements of other great stand-up acts right now, changes them to fit her own punchlines and turns out something wholly satisfying and, at times, gut-bustingly funny. Imagine if Sarah Silverman relied less on shock tactics in her stand-up and just honed in on poignant barbs, then combine that with the generally over-sarcastic nature and ranting of Denis Leary, and finally add in a dash of Jerry Seinfeld or George Carlin observation. That’s essentially Whitney Cummings’s stand-up, and it’s hilarious. She works the angle well, and she's easily one of the funniest comedians working today.

For a solid 45 minutes she rails against the differences between men and women: how they view relationships, how they’re raised, how they measure things, views on sex, the perfect partner, and so on. It’s familiar territory in the stand-up world, but her acerbic wit and condemnatory attitude towards the stupid things we just accept as inevitable make her routine entertaining. Did you catch the way this paragraph started though? 45 minutes. Even by really short stand-up DVD standards (which usually run at least an hour – if not more, like Eddie Izzard’s epic 3-hour Dress to Kill), Cummings’s Money Shot feels like it’s over far too quickly, and if you’ve seen her do other stand-up (like in Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts) you’ve definitely heard tidbits of this routine already. She’s able to cram a hell of a lot in there due to her rapid pace, but it’s still only 45 minutes and that’s just unacceptable, especially because…

DVD Bonus Features

There are none. If you’re going to come up short on the overall running time, you could at least record some extras to pad it.

"Whitney Cummings: Money Shot" is on sale April 12, 2011 and is not rated. Comedy. Directed by John Fortenberry. Written by Whitney Cummings. Starring Whitney Cummings.

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