Honeymoon with Mom Review

The Lifetime cable channel’s programming is catered primarily to women. They produce TV shows and made-for-TV movies that often deal with women and the problems they face in everyday life. Sometimes their programs are of great substance and other times, well, not so much. Honeymoon with Mom is a perfect example of this type of estrogen-filled fluff.

Shelley Long stars as Marla, a career-driven magazine publisher who has a somewhat fractured relationship with her daughter, Shannon (Virginia Williams). When Shannon is left at the altar at her “dream” wedding by her confused fiancé, she is left heartbroken. Having no one in her life to comfort her except her mother, the two decide to go on Shannon’s honeymoon together. However, Marla has an ulterior motive: getting a cover story interview with the hotel’s owner Nick (Jack Scalia) but along the way, Marla realizes that the trip isn’t about career advancement. It’s about the bond a mother and daughter must establish and value.

Like most syrupy TV movies, Honeymoon with Mom isn’t very good. The acting is pretty bad, especially Virginia Williams. We, the audience are supposed to feel sympathy towards her character but I just found her whiny and annoying. Shelley Long is alright in this. I didn’t even know she was still acting. The Caribbean setting is visually attractive but that’s probably one of the only redeeming qualities of this disappointing romantic comedy. That and the message of family and togetherness make this 89 minute chick flick somewhat tolerable.

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"Honeymoon with Mom" is on sale April 26, 2011 and is not rated. Comedy, Romance, Romantic-Comedy, Television. Directed by Paul A Kaufman. Written by Duane Poole. Starring Edward Finlay, Eric Johnson, Jack Scalia, Shelley Long, Virginia Williams, Winston Rekert.

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